Multiple Sclerosis CCSVI

I don’t have any symptoms left…no brain fog, no tingling, no neuropathic pain.

neuropathic pain. Hi Rafa I hope you and your team are doing well and keeping busy with clients. It seems to long ago when I came to Cabo for the CCSVI treatment. I’’m  doing well, healthy and happy.  I still use a walker…:( to get around but otherwise I don’t have any symptoms left…no brain

December 23, 2020

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They are all fantastic! 

“Testimonial by Diana Gordon, Barrie, Ontario for the correction of CCSVI performed by Dr. Rafael Moguel in Cozumel, Mexico I arrived in Cozumel on the afternoon of October 8, 2018 and met Dr. Moguel at the airport.  I was later treated that evening and both of my stenosed jugular veins were ballooned to allow perfect

October 16, 2018

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His skills are outstanding.

My name is Ronald Mannes and I live on Cozumel. About three or four weeks ago I came into the Hospital feeling ill. I was put into the emergency room and tests where run when the results came back it should I was having a heart attack. DR Moguel came in to talk with me,

December 12, 2016

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Thank You again for all the great care you and your wonderful group gave to us.

Hello Dr. Moguel,   Hope this finds you having a lovely weekend in Cozumel or where ever you may be. It’s gotten quite cold here in Charlotte and we are making great use of our fireplace.  I am feeling so much better these past two days as my blood pressure is back to normal!  I

December 10, 2016

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My health remains improved as a result of my treatment at Clinics of the Heart with Dr. Moguel.

Heidi Janzen Peters Not bad Andrew Brakke eh? That Liberation treatment 51/2 years ago sure was a success! Thanks to ALL that had a part in that.Gerry says that he has no MS symptoms when he’s riding the bike. Nothinglike feeling normal every now and then! So very thankful to Clinics of theHeart and dear

June 29, 2016

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You are a very knowledgeable cardiologist.

Hello Dr. Moguel, We just wanted to thank you again for your excellent care during my husband’s recent hospitalization in Cozumel.  You are a very knowledgeable cardiologist – one of the best we have met.  We wanted to confirm the length of time your recommend for the Brillinta medication. Please respond at your earliest convenience. Again,

June 1, 2016

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