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At The Clinics of the Heart our commitment is that your experience with us is enjoyable and that the results are the best.

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Pacemaker Implant

The pacing of the heart is sometimes necessary, especially after a diagnosis of cardiac blockage, in which case the patient would need a single or double chamber pacemaker.

Conditions we treat

We have the expertise and resources to implant all kinds of cardiac electronic devices and upgrade and replace them.

Meet our team

A robust staff conforms The Clinics of the Heart, with the highest levels in compassion, clinical skills, cutting-edge high-tech performance, and experience, headed by Rafael Moguel MD FSCAI.


Few Reason Why You Should Choose Us

The Clinics of the Heart have latest & best technology.

Directed by Dr. Rafel Moguel, interventional cardiologist with experience in thousands of minimally invasive cardiac and global endovascular procedures.

The Clinics of the Heart is a group of specialists with solid integration on the diagnosis and therapeutics for the wide scope of cardiovascular disorders.

Our passion is the cutting-edge state of the art in Cardiology and Cardiovascular science with the highest professional and compassionate standards.

The Clinics of the Heart is associated with COSTAMED group in Cozumel and the Mayan Riviera with a Joint Commission certified hospital in Cozumel


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Interventional procedures


Heart Care based solutions

We merge two services consulting and brilliant client Services for the patient healthcare. Used latest technology in hospital.

Pacemaker implant, update & replacement

The pacing of the heart is sometimes necessary, especially after a diagnosis of cardiac blockage, in which case the patient would need a single or double chamber pacemaker.

Cardiac catheterization, especially radial approach

Cardiac catheterization is the procedure that characterizes the interventional cardiologist; it consists of introducing a catheter into the blood vessels to reach the heart.

Percutaneous brain intervention.

The brain may have different problems, including aneurysms, vascular malformations, fistulae, and tumors. The Clinics of the Heart staff is able for minimally invasive brain intervention.


Great Patient Stories

  • While staying in Riveria Maya in September 2023, I suffered a cardiac arrest  in resort. I was submitted to hospital under the care  of Dr Rafa Moguel. During my stay Dr Moguel oversaw all testing and procedures, culimating in him carry out a procedure to fit and icd defibrillator. Throughout my hospitalisation I received outstanding

    Cardiac arrest in resort

  • I would like you to know that you have a wonderful team of nurses and doctors working here with you in this hospital .wen I arrive here wenesday  morning I was so surprised to see so many doctors and nurses waiting for me the staff here are so passionate friendly careing   and committed  

    Excellent medical attention

  • While on a dive trip in Cozumel my husband was unexpectedly hospitalized at Costamed hospital for a possible heart problem. Cardiologist Dr Rafael Moguel was called and he was able to rule out heart and diagnose pneumonia and began treatment right away. The care he received was first rate. The doctor kept us informed and


Interventional Cardiologist Member of


Online Consultant to the Patient.

Quickly response provide our specialist doctrors to patients in online conference.


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