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Dr. Rafael Moguel


About Dr. Moguel

A robust staff conforms The Clinics of the Heart, with the highest levels in compassion, clinical skills, cutting-edge high-tech performance, and experience, headed by Rafael Moguel MD FSCAI.

Dr. Moguel is an interventional cardiologist with experience in thousands of minimally invasive cardiac and global endovascular procedures, a world leader on the approach by the radial artery (Moguel R, et al. Diagnostic and interventional heart catheterization through the radial artery. Arch Inst Cardiol Mex. 1996 Sep-Oct;66(5):415-8).

Leader of Catheterization by Radial Artery Approach in America

More than 10,000 interventional procedures that include coronary, peripheral and brain intervention, vein intervention and implantation of electronic devices (pacemakers, ICD’s, resynchronization therapy)

Valid Certification by the Mexican Cardiology Board for Interventional Cardiology

Dr. Moguel is

Courses and Certifications

Dr. Rafael Moguel has extensive practical experience, complete training courses and top educational.

His training included:

  • Cardiology in Mexico City
  • Interventional Cardiology in Barcelona
  • Pacemaker technology in Minneapolis
  • Peripheral Intervention in Montecarlo
  • Brain intervention in Atlanta GA
  • Medical Degree:
    Universidad Veracruzana
  • Internal Medicine
    Hospital 1° de Octubre, Mexico
  • Pacemaker Technology
    Medtronic, Minneapolis MN
  • Cardiology
    Hospital 1° de Octubre, Mexico
  • Hemodynamics
    Hospital 1° de Octubre
  • Interventional Cardiology
    Hospital Clinic i Provincial, Barcelona Spain
  • Rotablator System Training
    Heart Technology, Miami FL
  • Global Endovascular Therapy
  • Brain Intervention
    Tampa FL
  • Brain Intervention
    Atlanta GA
  • Assistant Professor for Cardiology and Interventional Cardiology
    Hospital 1° de Octubre
  • Head of Interventional Cardiology
    Hospital 1° de Octubre
  • Head of Cardiology and Hemodynamics
    Tht Clinics of the Heart
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