His skills are outstanding.

My name is Ronald Mannes and I live on Cozumel.

About three or four weeks ago I came into the Hospital

feeling ill. I was put into the emergency room and tests

where run when the results came back it should I was

having a heart attack.

DR Moguel came in to talk with me, he told me a

Catheritization is needed. I explained to him that I had a

very bad experience about a year and a half ago with a

catherization and I will not go through it again. I was really

scared and thought if I go through what I went through before

I would die anyway, so I might as well die in peace.

The doctor assured me that this procedure would only take

an hour if not shorter. I did not know the doctor and I was

still scared. But after continuing to talk

with him there was something about him that I began to trust.

He assured me that the procedure would not be like the last one

That took 6 hours. I listened and the more I listened the more I began

to beleive what he was saying.

I did have the procedure thanks to doctor Moguel. He was right in

everything he told me. The procedure was under an hour including

the stent.

He saved my life. Against my better judgement I had the catherization

thanks to the doctor. If not for him caring and taking the time to comfort

my concerns I would not have had the procedure and most likely not be

here today.

In the follow up visits he showed the same care if not more then when

I was in the emergency room. I had to stop myself from hugging him.

 I just want you to know that DR. Moguel is the finest doctor I have

ever met. His skills are outstanding and your hospital should be

extremely proud and consider themselves lucky to have him.

God bless this man.


Ronald Mannes

Date: December 12, 2016