Thank You again for all the great care you and your wonderful group gave to us.

Hello Dr. Moguel,  

Hope this finds you having a lovely weekend in Cozumel or where ever you may be. It’s gotten quite cold here in Charlotte and we are making great use of our fireplace. 

I am feeling so much better these past two days as my blood pressure is back to normal!  I just took it so I could give you a reading……118/74 my pulse was 75.  As Patrick may have told you

they took me off Lisinopril and Metoprolol succinate until my BP is over 100 on top and that has

been the case the past two days but I don’t want to start taking it until I get the ok from my new cardiologist Dr. Pasquini whom I see this coming week. 

I did go to your website but could not figure out how to find a Dr. in your group in this area. Did I need to try to schedule an appt.?   I did google perhaps I didn’t go to the correct link.  Any suggestions?  

Today was a sweet day. Patrick, Julia and I took a nice walk in our neighborhood and then went out to lunch together. Thanks for responding to Julia about her concerns for my diet. She sort of over reacted as I have been doing very well with my meals and have not had much of an appetite until this past Monday. Cooking my egg with butter and having my first slice of bread sent her over the edge. I have switched to olive oil and I am going to purchase gluten/ wheat free bread for when I want a piece of toast.  

Last Tuesday morning at the hospital they did another Echo-cardiogram and I have not learned the results of that yet but will let you know when I do. 

Thank You again for all the great care you and your wonderful group gave to us. Plus being here for us in a time of need once again last Monday.   If you get tired of the heat come visit us in Charlotte and bring your wife and daughter.  

 Sincerely, Noreen & family

Date: December 10, 2016