They are all fantastic! 

“Testimonial by Diana Gordon, Barrie, Ontario for the correction of CCSVI performed by Dr. Rafael Moguel in Cozumel, Mexico

I arrived in Cozumel on the afternoon of October 8, 2018 and met Dr. Moguel at the airport.  I was later treated that evening and both of my stenosed jugular veins were ballooned to allow perfect blood flow, so I tell everyone, “I was fixed”, and my CCSVI has been corrected.  Dr. Moguel’s team was fantastic to make me feel very comfortable and minimize any discomfort I may have felt during the treatment.  They are all fantastic!  I walked out of the hospital with the friend I travelled with. 

The hospital was very clean and small, ensuring the nursing care was very attentive to anything I needed.   I will and have recommended Dr. Moguel to anyone and everyone who is seeking this treatment to come to Cozumel, Mexico, as anyone in my predicament should have the same professional care I received. “

Date: October 16, 2018