Thank you for the outstanding treatment.

I wish to thank you for the outstanding treatment I received while I was in Cozumel in July 2017.  As you may remember, I was on a Royal Caribbean ship and they made a special effort to bring me to Cozumel quickly.  I then came by ambulance to your facility in Cozumel.  I was diagnosed with a heart attack and it was determined that I had blockage in both major arteries to my heart.  You were able to put stints in both of these arteries that evening and by next morning; I was up and about and feeling very good.
I am grateful to you for the out-standing skill you possess and the way in which you dealt with me in this very difficult time in my life from a health standpoint.  You and your staff went out of your way in order to help me and I was able to have the surgery on Thursday night, very late and then fly home on Sunday.
On returning to my home in Arkansas, I immediately saw my cardiologist that I have used for many years and he was most impressed with the treatment I had received.
He was particularly impressed with the fact that you sent with me a one-page statement summarizing my condition and the procedures that you had performed with all the details in it.  He stated that in America this would probably be 30 pages long and would not have all the information you contained in it in just one page.  I think he has shown your letter to, at least, 100 cardiologists in the states.
Again, thanks so much for your kind attitude and for your professionalism at this time of great need for me.  I wish you well in the future.


David Burks

Former President of Harding University
Chancellor of Harding University

Date: May 1, 2018