Amazing & compassionate Doctor.

While on our cruise vacation in Dec 2016, I experienced chest pains that sent my wife and I to the hospital in Cozumel  by ambulance.  We were met in the ER by Dr Moguel and other staff members who treated us with such outstanding care we immediately felt more at ease, believing we were in capable hands.  

After ER examination, two procedures were done to determine the condition of my heart.  I believe one was called an angiogram & the other a heart catheterization.  Dr. Moguel showed us the images and clearly explained that while there was some blockage, it was not enough to warrant any stints.  He took all the time needed to explain a better diet and the exercise needed to keep my heart healthy.  

My wife and I both agree we received better care, treatment, and attention from Dr Moguel and his staff than in any Texas hospital.   So much so that when we took the same cruise the next Dec (2017), our Cozumel ‘shore excursion’ was visiting Dr Moguel and staff.  

We can’t say enough about this amazing & compassionate Doctor and the Cozumel hospital.  


John (and Sandy) Plummer

Houston, Texas

Date: May 1, 2018