To Whom it May Concern,

I am writing in behalf of Dr. Moguel to let you know what a wonderful physician he is.  Last year, my 23 year old daughter suffered a stroke in Cozumel while on vacation.  She was completely paralyzed on her right side.  Thankfully, we were instructed by residents to have her taken by ambulance to Costamed.  I can’t begin to tell you the excellent care she received.  The admitting doctor, Dr. Ulises, immediately diagnosed her with having a stroke and proceeded to the correct procedure to destroy the blood clot and reverse her paralysis.  After she regained movement, Dr. Moguel came in to see her and began the process to determine why Erin had the stroke in the first place.  After the tests, he told us that Erin had a PFO and would need to have her heart repaired when we returned back to the United States.  Erin stayed in the hospital for 4 days where she was seen by Dr. Moguel and other doctors everyday.  Once back in the United States, we saw another cardiologist who began his treatment of Erin.  He told us that the doctors in Cozumel did everything exactly perfect for my daughter.  I can’t thank Dr. Moguel and all the employees at Costumed for saving my daughter’s life.  I will be forever in debt to Dr. Moguel and the staff at Costamed.  


Diane Jelke

Date: May 1, 2018