Doctor Moguel so I heard, is one of the best cardio doctor in Mexico.

While in Manila last June 2017, I went through an angioplasty procedure (following a heart attack), wherein 2 stents had to be placed. It was exactly a day after I arrived from Florida where I worked as a head baker in Disney Cruises. (Thank God it didn’t happen a day before while I was on board the plane). It took me 10 days in the hospital to recover. Although my condition was a bit complicated, I was allowed to go back to work after a few months. At work, I felt better until 2 months after (around Dec 2017) when suddenly I had a flu and sore throat. Had myself checked and along with it, the doctor found out my heart rate was beating faster than normal. So the doctor had to send me to CMC/COSTAMED in Cozumel, where I met Doctor Rafael Moguel, the attending physician. Doctor Moguel so I heard, is one of the best cardio doctor in Mexico. Since I was away from my family in Manila, it made me felt somehow that I’ll be safe under his care. Aside from the unceasing prayers, I knew he was God sent. During my confinement at COSTAMED, Doctor Moguel had to monitor my heart beat. After a few days, that’s when they discovered that I had to go through another angioplasty procedure, needing two more stents..again. I was kinda in-distress when they broke the news, not only that I was alone, but it was during the Christmas season that I had to go through all these. It was heartbreaking, but they had to do it, nevertheless. To my surprise Doctor Moguel inserted the stents in an hour with me fully awake. I was able to recover fast with the help of the nurses at COSTAMED. But that was not it. Doctor Moguel concluded that a PACEMAKER would be best for my condition. Although hesitant, I had no choice. Another operation that last for an hour with Doctor Moguel. Am fully awake and praying that everything will be fine. Now I’m back in the Philippines, feeling better. Recovering from my last operation. Truly, Doctor Moguel, is one of the best. He was very nice and I am so grateful. He even had a video call with my mom when I was in Mexico to appease her and tell her that everything’s going to be fine. Thank you too to the staff who took good care of me. Sending out my prayers to everyone.. I wish you all the best! Sincerely, Ramon Fetil

Date: May 1, 2018