Multiple Sclerosis CCSVI

CCSVI Liberation Procedure in Mexico

Patient: Michelle Marie MacNeil

Location: Nova Scotia, Canada

My story is the same as many others living with Multiple Sclerosis; it’s not pretty. MS is a chronic debilitating disease that lasts a lifetime. The only treatments available are unpleasant, expensive and the unfortunate reality is, they don’t work!

With MS, my life changed with symptoms like chronic fatigue, bladder control, and loss of mobility, balance and coordination.   People often thought I was drunk; staring or making comments.   Basic human functions  (e.g. walking, balance, coordination, speaking, bowel and bladder control, etc.) become at times insurmountable tasks. Ultimately, these impediments affect virtually every area of life (work, getting a shower, driving, cognitive function, tolerance to heat, light, noise, etc.).  Your abilities and life in general start to devolve and your scope of  involvement in the world becomes much smaller, isolating you from friends, social activities, community events, physical activities, etc.; all the things that we identify with being a healthy, happy functioning human being.  Everything becomes more difficult – period. You get the idea.  Recently; I was told that I should not work and I am on the last treatment available to me.  The next step of this devolution was going to be a wheelchair.

Thankfully, I was able to participate in a clinical trial of CCSVI  and my life changes again in a very good way! I travel to the Clinics of the heart in Mexico with my friend (who has MS) and my sister-in-law, who is a Critical Care Nurse.  I didn’t know what to expect going to a foreign country not knowing the language or the medical system. It turns out I had nothing to be afraid of; or anxious about!

At the Clinics of the Heart Dr. Moguel and his team of specialists are performing the CCSVI Liberation Procedure.    I couldn’t have been more delighted and surprised with the small, clean and proficient clinic and its excellent staff.  Everyone on staff was sincere, professional, attentive and caring.  I felt reassured as soon as I walked through the door; language was no barrier even though I don’t speak a word of Spanish.  The first day I was examined by a Neurologist, had an MRI and a Doppler Ultrasound.  The day of my Liberation Procedure I was taken into the Cath Lab where it’s very cold because of the equipment. Dr. Moguel begins the cauterization going in through the groin; I could feel him unblocking the veins in my neck! After the procedure I went to recovery, I’m lying there and feel my feet and hands are hot!  I started to think something’s wrong here!? Then as I became more awake I realize that’s what my hands and feet used to feel like years ago!  The next day I didn’t need my cane, my fatigue was gone and my walking, balance, coordination, speaking, bowel and bladder control was much better!! My friend who used a cane since 1992 didn’t need her cane either! This is a truly amazing and life changing experience for me, I feel blessed.  I would recommend this Clinic with its exemplary staff without hesitation I honestly have never met doctors like this in my life! I owe these beautiful people a debt of gratitude. Their skill, professionalism, and compassion made this a wonderful experience.  Many thanks to Dr. Moguel and his team!!!

Date: June 23, 2010