Heart attack.

Dear  Dr. Rafael Moguel  MD FSCA&I

I am writing you to give my testimony for the excellent and timely care that you and your staff gave me during my heart attack on our recent trip.  Your fully equipped hospital with a Cath Lab and cardiologists, enabled me to survive this severe heart attack.  You and your team responded quickly, completing the 
treatment and the procedure of installing two stents within the critical 90-minute window.  Your communication with my wife and me was excellent and compassionate, explaining my condition, what procedures you would take and why, and continued during my 5 day stay there.  You were competent and knowledgeable about specific issues regarding the stent choice and my conditions, and your recommendations for treatment for me upon returning to Oregon. My wife was very calm during this 
stressful ordeal inpart to the excellent care and quality of service I received from you and your team.
We also appreciated you quickly forwarding all records and images to our doctors in Oregon so that we could meet with them the day after we returned.  My Cardiologist agreed with all that you did. He wants my heart to recover for two weeks, and then I will have additional tests to determine the need for a third stent at that time. I am recovering my strength and feeling well, thanks to you and your team.
I am very happy with the outstanding care I received from you and the staff.

Dick Dunnahoe

Date: March 17, 2010