Repaired heart

Name: Wayne and Melissa Askin

Message: Words cannot describe the care and compassion that I received at Costamed Hospital in Cozumel. The professionalism of the staff was unbelievable.

Dr. Moguel, you and your staff not only saved my life but went above and beyond what I have ever experienced in hospital care. The way you looked after my family, the constant consultations and the comforting you showed my wife was second to none. The warmth and care the staff gave me for two weeks still leaves me speechless as I cannot accurately describe how great they made me feel. When nurses and doctors came into my room they all made sure that I was comfortable and would stay and talk for a few minutes. In the hall, they all said hello and some even came up and gave me a hug.

This facility is what medical hospitals and clinics should model themselves after. Special thank-you to Andrea for making my wife comfortable during all of the procedures performed on me plus the business part and paper work that needed to be done.

Myself and my family are truly thankful and hope to say thank you in person again someday in a non- medical way!

From the bottom of my repaired heart…THANK YOU!!!

Wayne Askin and family Gowanstown, Ontario, Canada

The individuals we encountered during my family’s two week stay in Mexico was a testament to Costamed Hospital in itself. No thank you will ever truly express how grateful my family and I are to those who helped us through one of our most difficult times.

While snorkelling in Cozumel, my husband Wayne, suffered a massive heart attack and a non-fatal drowning. With all of the odds stacked against him, the team at Costamed did everything they could to keep my husband and our father alive. After two extremely risky surgeries, multiple complications and a little over a week stay in the ICU on life support, Wayne finally came back to us. By talking with our family doctors at home to help understand the full extent of the situation it quickly became apparent just how severe his condition was. Wayne’s ability to pull through was truly a modern day miracle, none of which would have been even remotely possible without the sheer brilliance and expertise of care Costamed was able to offer him.

Words cannot even begin to express the overwhelming gratitude that our family will forever have for the staff at Costamed Hospital in Cozumel! When we were able to return to Canada two weeks later, we literally felt that we were saying good bye to our extended family. We look forward to visiting all of our friends at Costamed for our next winter vacation! We feel that we would be remiss in this testimonial without acknowledging several of the Costamed staff.

Dr. Rafael Moguel is the most brilliant cardiologist. We know that if he had not been at the hospital when we arrived by ambulance, Wayne would not be alive. His immediate action to take Wayne to the cath lab, overcome the many complications and even using a device not yet approved in the U.S. when presented with no blood flow, were all instrumental in Wayne being alive today. Dr. Moguel was compassionate, honest and detailed in explaining Wayne’s surgeries and prognosis. He allowed my dear friends to take notes and ask questions. He also willingly put our Doctor from Canada on speakerphone, explained the procedures and answered all of her questions. This alone was most reassuring as our Doctor was able to corroborate with cardiologists in Canada to ensure that we were receiving the best possible care. Dr. Moguel spent so much invaluable time with our family and always made us feel that we were his major concern.

Dr. Alain Rosine, Dr. Oscar Reyes and Dr. Karla Reyes were the most amazing ICU Doctors. These Doctors always made a point to seek us out and give us updates at Wayne’s bedside and in their office at each visit. They were more than willing to speak on the phone with our Doctor in Canada. We could not believe the time that they spent with us to explain and answer our countless questions! It was so reassuring to have the opportunity to speak to a Doctor several times a day. Each one of them showed immeasurable compassion and understanding of our situation.

Andrea Sekula, the International patient liaison Nurse, was the first person I encountered when Wayne was brought into emergency. She was such a calming factor in keeping me focused during the first terrifying moments and throughout the ordeal. I was absolutely elated that Andrea spoke English and was from Canada. During our stay she treated my family and friends with sincere compassion. Andrea was always willing to explain next steps and answer our questions. She seamlessly arranged our return home and was certainly instrumental in making our stay as comfortable as possible. Andrea is a treasure at CostaMed!

Dr. Carlos Moguel , Costamed’s psychiatrist was an absolute pleasure to have visit us each day. His professionalism and caring manner were key in making us feel comfortable.

David the Respiratory Therapist , was a welcome face to greet us each day. He took a keen interest in our family and was always there for a great conversation, laughs and lots of bedside visits.

Nurse Lupita was the most compassionate and beautiful soul. She spent time with us explaining Wayne’s second procedure and answering our questions as she was part of the cath lab team. Lupita constantly checked up on our family with her genuine concern.

Nurse David will never be forgotten by our family. He developed a very special bond with Wayne and our 3 sons. He gave “Mr.Wayne” the most attentive nursing care. David spent quality time with our family helping us navigate through his recovery. We loved our visits with David where we shared many laughs!

Nurses Abigail, Dolly, Grace, Lucy, Rosetta and Antonio were all greatly appreciated by our family. The care that we received from these individuals was second to none. They were all so readily available and attentive to our needs.

Karen and Elemendra from Patient Services were like personal counsellors to our family and friends. Their kindness and calm dispositions made every step more bearable from the first evening of initial shock to preparing us to go home.

Date: May 2, 2018