Very blessed to have been in the care of you.

It was 1 year ago today that we said goodbye to you and your amazing medical team at the Cozumel Costamed Hospital, and returned to Sandos Caracol Hotel in Playa for a couple of days before flying home to Calgary, Alberta, Canada!

To refresh your memory, we were in Mexico in November last year to celebrate the wedding of a dear friend and I (Marilyn) was the Wedding Officiant!

Clint was admitted to the Playa Del Carmen Costamed Hospital with heart issues the second night we were in Mexico, and was transferred to your Cozumel location a couple of days later for a cardiac catheterization…

Evertthing turned out well and we were so very blessed to have been in the care of you … and your entire team. 

Clint has been feeling well overall … and we celebrated put 50th wedding anniversary on October 10th! Please see the attached picture. 

We have thought of you and your team so many times during the past year – especially during the COVID Pandemic!

We hope and pray that you along with your entire team are keeping safe and well during these trying days.

Please do say a special hello to Dr. Luis and everyone else from us!   

Know that we keep you in our hearts and prayers…    We thank you for all that you do!

Marilyn & Clint Strowger

Stay safe,  be well,

Date: November 24, 2020