Forever grateful.

This email is written to all of the wonderful people who helped save my dad…

There are no words to truly describe how grateful we are for the kind services of these wonderful people. CMC Costamed is an amazing facility with an amazing staff. Everyone there is ready to help at a moment’s notice. I’ve lived in the United States all of my life, so when I heard that my father was sick in another country, I immediately panicked and imagined the worse possible scenarios in my head. This of course, was ignorance on my part as I had my own biases about healthcare outside the United States. 

The people of CMC Costamed, despite my unwillingness to trust them at first, educated me and humbled me. Not only did they help my father, but they took the time to educate us on the heart and importance of certain things that my dad needed to do to continue to be healthy. In addition to helping my father, they made sure that my mom felt safe at all times and allowed her to stay in the hospital with my dad. 

I want to personally thank Dr. Rafael Moguel, who was so patient and caring, his bedside manner is something that every doctor should strive for. Dr. Hector Boyardo, is the coolest doctor I have ever met. As soon as I met him, he reassured me that everything would be okay. He knew that I would be nervous and he acknowledged that. Even after I got home, Dr. Boyardo followed up to see if my dad reached the United States safely. Andrea Sekula, she helped with so many little details, she explained all of medication my dad would need to take and made sure we had everything we needed upon discharge. Jesus Pineda, I cannot say enough things about him. I wasn’t very nice to him in the beginning but that didn’t stop him from trying to win me over. In the end, he became my best friend and at a moment’s notice he would be available if I reached out for him. Tranquilino Casaqnova was a very kind man to my mom, he kept her company and even took her for a walk if she needed to get some fresh air. I do not know all the nurses on the floor and in the ICU, but they too must be acknowledged for the daily care they provided for my father. My dad said they monitored him very closely and made sure he was comfortable at all times. 

If I have not mentioned your name, it is only because I cannot remember all of the names. Mexico will forever have a very special place in my heart. I will never fully be able to thank them for saving my dad. Even though it started off very scary, the ending was beautiful and I met some wonderful, wonderful people. I hope my email helps other people who are visiting CMC Costamed to know that they are in a very safe place and they will be provided with impeccable care. 

Forever grateful, 

Valinie Naraine.

Date: November 4, 2019