My new found heros for sure.

As a 54 year old woman with secondary progressive multiple sclerosis I was getting really anxious to
find something that would  stop my MS and help give me a better quality of life. I began research into CCSVI information in November.
I began signing up for every place that was offering at least diagnosis, in the hopes it would lead me towards the procedure. Suddenly, I found the clinic..I signed in very quickly and was accepted to go on June 14th.
That was the trip that changed the course of my future!
Andres Brakke, and Dr.Raphael Moguel are my new found heros for sure.
I had blockages, and a valve problem which was corrected within no time. The staffing at the Clinic were all wonderful, very caring and excited for us all.
The next day I went out in the sun, swimming in the pool, for the first time in at least fifteen years. My intolerance to heat was gone. My balance was better, my feet were warm. I did not have tinnuitis, or brain fog. I felt like it must feel to be 100%, but to me it was 1000%. I could even jump.
Dr. Moguel was able to restore all my functions, and send me home a new woman with a completely new outlook on my life.
The treatment I had at the clinic was amazing. Mr. Andres Brakke, the administrator was so helpful and sincere, and Dr. Moguel was incredibly professional while being very friendly, excited and concerned.
I strongly recommend going there for  the CCSVI procedure if you get the chance. It is also a beautiful setting with beautiful people, so you can enjoy yourself while there.
Anne Mac Donald, Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada

Date: May 30, 2012