Heart attack

Dr. Moguel, Livan, Medical Staff, Support Staff, and Guest Services and Billing Departments at COSTAMED,

As all travelers dread, a medical emergency happened to us on 1/9/24 during a Royal Caribbean Mariner of the Seas cruise to Mexico.  Raymond Dregiewicz suffered a heart attack, was stabilized and offloaded in Cozumel.  We cannot express our gratitude enough firstly, that Raymond’s life was saved, but secondly, by the professionalism and kindness shown to us during this entire ordeal.

Stereotypes of foreign hospitals loomed during the drive into the hospital, but our fears were quickly calmed when we arrived at Costamed.  The hospital was modern, clean and well-staffed.  Guest services helped with the translation and admission process while Raymond was being examined.  Dr. Moguel came in almost immediately and the tests began.  The situation was accessed, and I always felt informed of everything transpiring. After consultation and consideration of the options, an angioplasty was scheduled for the following day.

The procedure was more difficult than expected due to the contortion of the artery, but Raymond made it through. Livan and the ICU team dealt with a delirious, combative patient with much grace.  Thank-you. They were also very comforting to me.

Dr. Moguel explained Raymond still had some serious issues.  Because we had faith in the care we were receiving, the risk going home in the current state, and most importantly, the excellent ability of Rafael Moguel, we agreed to a second angioplasty in Cozumel instead of waiting until we returned home.  The second procedure was on Friday, January 12, and was more difficult than the first due to the calcium blockage. With the tremendous effort and capability of Dr. Moguel, the outcome and outlook are good for Raymond. We believe this sequence of treatment and technology used provides us with more options and remedies to investigate in the United Stated if needed.

Raymond was visited and monitored multiple times daily by Dr. Moguel and the staff throughout his stay.  He had a gastrointestinal bout the night before departure and would not have been released until deemed safe.  They were also concerned about my welfare.

Much thanks goes to the guest services department, especially Israel, in securing our departure travel arrangements  and the billing department for their direction of how to proceed when home.  This traumatic event could not have been managed with the ease it was without all the parties involved.  We commend you all. 

With much gratitude and regards,

Lilia and Raymond Dregiewicz

Date: March 5, 2024