CCSVI repair.

Dear Dr. Moquel,

Roseanna Gullekson delivered their 8 pound 7 ounce baby girl today. The baby’s weight surprised everyone as she was only being fed by 2 arteries rather than the normal 3. The baby was induced and the birth went wonderfully well (only 6 hours) after her mom’s initial anxiety attack. We thank God for having His hand on this baby’s birth. We don’t know what part the CCSVI repair Roseanna received at your clinic played, but expect it was significant.
 As this new grandmother left the hospital this evening, both baby and mother (as well as father) appeared to be doing well. One thing for certain, that baby has surprisingly good lungs.
We don’t know how Roseanna will do following all this, but it’s good to know you are on her team.

Respectfully Yours,
Eva Grantmyre

Date: July 27, 2011