My name is Yvonne and I’m from Ontario, Canada. I had the CCSVI-procedure done in Mexico and it couldn’t have been a better experience. My husband accompanied me for which I am forever greatful!

 Every person, from treatment coordinator and assistant coordinator, administrators , doctors, nurses, cleaners involved were very diligent at making you feel at home and comfortable , truly a Hospital with a big heart. Every day we were greeted by the cleaning staff opening the doors for us and then the administrative staff, Adrian, Edouardo, Jacqueline, Cathy and more to tell us what needed to be done next, the doctors and coordinators made sure that I was understanding everything and  there was nothing to worry about, most of the staff spoke English!  

Following is a detailed report on the CCSVI: 

February 5, 2011 we arrived at the airport in the evening.

We were warned not to talk to anyone at the arrival hall, because they would want to sell ‘timeshare deals’. This was true!

Dr Rafael Moguel, director of the clinic and the specialist who headed the procedure, told me that I had to be in hospital overnight with an anti-biotic drip for the bacterial kidney infection had still not cleared, this infection started in Canada and my GP had put me on anti-biotic for 10 days.

I felt very good after the procedure. I could feel my circulation improving almost immediately; this was great, because I had years of cold spells and feeling freezing through my body.

 After a good Mexican hospital meal with 7 kinds of fruit, chicken and mixed freshly cooked vegetables, I went back to the hotel.

This meal was incredible for a hospital meal; I have been in hospitals in Canada and Europe but I never was fond of their meals. I think I was treated royally!

The ballooning was successful and removed all the bloodclots but 1 tiny one on the wall of the vein which does not obstruct the bloodflow !! The hotel and return flight again had to be rearranged, because Dr. Moguel wanted to keep an eye on me and do another Doppler just to make sure. I felt very well cared for. The coordinators extended the resort stay once again and we they made sure we kept the same room.

Now I’m back home and very much improved in  my speech, my looks (healthier), my walk and I started an exercise program with Sandi, my physio-therapist. It’s hard, but I am amazed I’m able to do it all; before I was so fatigued that I was not able to do anything like that.

I’m taking 301mg of bloodthinners per day for 6 months which we bought in Mexico which was the advice of Dr. Moguel, because this medications is almost twice the price in  Canada.

Thanks again to all the staff of the Heart, you are forever in my heart.

Date: April 1, 2011