We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Rafael to any of our friends or family!

To whom it may concern,

We were on a scuba diving trip in November 2017 when my husband Jim had some chest tightness. He is a very fit, active, trim man and we didn’t appreciate that this was a heart issue. Instead we thought he perhaps had decompression sickness.  A quick check from the scuba doctor and then Rafael Moguel was called in.  Several tests and two stents later Jim was released from the hospital and a week later we were able to fly back home.  

The care Jim received from Rafael was world class. We were both very concerned about having the procedure done so far away from home. Rafael spoke with a doctor friend of ours from back at home and offered to talk to any of our family or doctors, in order to help us make the decision to have the procedure.  

Jim was nervous and wanted to go back to Canada for the procedure. We left the hospital and went back to our resort and made some more calls. Thankfully we have an ER doctor in our family and she was very adamant that we stay and have the procedure done on Cozumel.  Rafael had given us his cell number and we called him and headed back to the hospital for the procedure the next day.  The procedure was a very tough one, but Jim was in great hands. Rafael was considerate, professional, and so very kind to us both during our stay in the hospital.  He has followed up with us a couple of times since returning home to Canada and we will go out of our way to have a visit with him when we return to Cozumel.

We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Rafael to any of our friends or family!

Judy and Jim McIntyre

Ottawa, Canada

Date: May 3, 2018