Because of you and your team I’m alive today…  Thank-You!!!! 

Hi Dr. Rafeal,

My family and I would like to thank you and the staff for the care I received in Playa del Carmen May 2017.  The staff with your guidance was impeccable and before any decisions made on treatment research was conducted to ensure that the treatment was safe and proper for my condition along after the follow-up emails after I was released.  Even my wife who’s a nurse was impressed! 

In Canada when it happened a few years ago there was no blood work to see if I was clotting along with an MRI, I was sent to emergency and defibrillated, then sent home, with no follow-up to a cardiologist.  When I went to the local cardiologist when I arrived back in Canada he did the basic blood work and ECG but no follow-up to find out why it happened, as the issue did not exist at the time.   

If I was in Canada  when this happened the hospital would of used the defibrillator to put my heart back in rhythm and sent me home within the hour as they did in the past however without the proper research the clot possible would of dislodged causing a stroke or heart attack.   Because of you and your team I’m alive today…  Thank-You!!!!

Best regards,

Dave Crane

Date: May 3, 2018