Dear Dr. Moguel:   Now that I am back in Chicago I wanted to thank you and your entire staff and especially Andreas for the excellent care provided to me on my recent visit to Cozumel.    Kindly convey my additional thank-you’s. I recall you seeing me only a few minutes after I walked into CMC and that you spent substantial time with me discussing my condition, both of which would be unlikely even at the finest institutions in the US.    I am continuing with the medication and will schedule soon electrical cardioversion by my treating cardiologist in the next week or so per your recommendation.  Again, I want to thank you.  I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to resume my planned vacation after the ICU including miles of hiking and snorkeling (minus SCUBA which seemed to me asking for trouble).  I plan to return to Cozumel hopefully in the near future.  

 One final very positive note.  On the morning I came to the ER, I was disoriented and left my Iphone either in the Hotel or taxi on the way to CMC.  I received a message that it was found by a 14 year old Cozumel girl after being erased by the Apple “Find my Iphone” App through the message that appears on the face of an Iphone electronically wiped clean.   The chance of getting a lost Iphone returned in the US after 10 days is not great so this tells me something good to remember about my trip in conjunction with the excellent treatment at CMC.   I am going to send this young lady a reward though one has not been requested.

 I love your email username “cathboss.”

And finally, may you and your family be blessed with health and happiness for the coming year.

Best Regards,

Steve Ackerman

Attorney at Law

Chicago, Illinois

Date: January 1, 2015