Able to stent patients who have been fully thrombolysed.

Good afternoon, 

Today, I decided to pay a visit to the  “CMC” (Costa Medical Cozumel) clinic and I am really glad I did!

Not only did I find a much bigger, better facility than I expected – it held some genuine surprises. 

Their coronary cath lab is run by a cardiologist who uses exclusively the radial artery as a point of entry (never the femoral) and is able to stent patients who have been fully thrombolysed onboard our ships without delay.

The place was spotlessly clean. Anyone who has ever worked in the filth and grime of an NHS Emergency Department in the UK will be shocked by the difference.

The people: multilingual the lot, knowledgeable and super helpful

Best regards

Christian Destree MD

Carnival Paradise Doc

Date: September 20, 2012