Coronary Intervention

Buenos Dias, Agnes, Karina, Luis, Maly, Rosie, Jorge  ‘ George’, Rafael ‘ Rudy’, Dany, Hugo and all other  staff, caring doctors and nurses  who looked after Ken  !!!!

 I just thought it was about time that I sent all of you a short note to tell you how Ken was progressing since he arrived back home on Monday October 13.  After a very informative tour by your paramedics enroute to the airport, we boarded onto to an Air Ambulance Cessna Citation, piloted by two pilots and two paramedics, along with Ken and I.  When we arrived in San Diego, we were immediately driven to the huge University of California Medical Center Hospital.  When Ken settled in to his new private room, he was soon examined by several Cardiologists and for the next twenty-four hours had all the tests that Rudy and George requested. The outcome was that nothing medically should be done now and that his new St. Jude’s Pacemaker is working just great!!!!  Thanks again everybody!! 

Best wishes and Bless all of you for your kindness and care given to both Ken and I.  Thanks again from the entire Ozanne family.

Love, Betty

Date: November 8, 2008